Stevie James and Veggie
Early Bird Studio

At the core of Collaborator is the working partnership of Essex based musicians Stevie James and Veggie. Around that core is a growing number of diverse musicians that bring their own unique style to the tracks.
In the story so far these muso's have included Studio owner and producer Pete Barrenger, local hero John T and even Top 5 artist Tom Robinson, currently working as a presenter on BBC radio 6.

For a full list of Collaborators past and present check out the 'Collaborators' link above.

Manilla PR Working with Collaborator through 2007
New album out now.

Track listing.
Bring it all to me
Nothing at all
Mr Jack
Bang Bang
Moving On
Stronger Now
The King
Free Rock Radio
Stranger in the House

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A message from within
Hiya all, Veg here with a bit of an update for you as to what the bloody hell we are doing with our time.
There have been some changes within the very fluid line up that is Collaborator. Stevie and I once again find ourselves working with our buddy John T. As the above blurb says, not only is he a local hero but also a mighty fine bass player and has a complimentary style to our new drummer, Pete.

We have been rehearsing over the last few months and slowly but surely are finding our voice.

Stevie and I both wanted to take a definite change of direction with this new line up as we are looking to get out and gig as much as possible through 2008 and so we are looking for a more conventioanl rock format and sound. To this end, I have hung up the guitar and cling wildly to a mic stand now and merely provide the vocals. Has been very challenging for me and to be honest I still feel a little naked without the guitar but as the arrangements come together my confidence with it all grows.
I look forward to bringing it to you soon


Monday 10th March
The Mill Beach,

Open Rehearsal.
Come and listen to us working on new material and hear the set so far....

Sunday 11th May
The St Annes Castle
Great Leighs

Our first chance this year to play at the award winning venue. Possibly us all night with a mixture of acoustic and full band. We will get back to you on that one.

From a review by Toxic Pete of Mr Jack
Collaborator aren't trying to be something they're not - 'Mr. Jack' is a great example of the 'KISS' mentality (Keep It Simple Stupid) - and it bloody well works.
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From a review by Rock Midgets of Mr Jack
In a world where alternative music is constantly required to be complex, turbulent and exciting, sometimes it's enjoyable to hear a simple, honest piece of music that just wants to tell a story
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Bring it all to me (live) recorded at The St Annes Castle on 24th Feb now also showing on YouTube.