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Fine Line       'Throw me a rope here........'More

It begins as it ends.......Right then, lets do this boys and girls.

You can still order the track via SMS.

Text 'TRACK FINELINE' to 80818 to receive a link to download to your pc.
Text 'TRACK FINELINE M' to 80818 to download direct to your phone.

The download will cost you 1 and if you are downloading the track to your phone then you should also bear in mind that it will come out of your data allowance or you will be charged accordingly.

I believe the mobile download does not work on the iPhone but I would guess that you could download the track on the net to one of those.

One last thing about the SMS process, this only works in the UK. Now, while I am very keen to get this track into the charts and I very much appreciatte your enthusiasm and support, only one sale per phone will be counted, although you can order it as many times as you like and you will not charged for it

You can keep up with this exciting little project to get 'Fine Line' into the charts by EMAIL.
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