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Suppose I had best start with myself. How far back to go? Well the last band I was involved with was Collaborator. We had some small but excellent succeses, recorded a really cool album, played some great gigs and released our album by playing a show in the Secret Nuclear Bunker in Kelvedon Hatch.

Prior to that was a couple of locally succesful bands both of which made some wider waves in the little pond too, had some radio and tv exposure with them both and played some huge gigs.

But all things change and a couple of years ago found myself recording an album on my own. This is the piece of work that has become "The Small History of Alan Bright".
I am proud to say that I have managed to play all the piano parts and most of the organ parts on the album as well as some really interesting guitar ideas too.

Being a part of a band is an amazing thing but to have a blank canvas and just record the sounds in your head is very liberating for a songwriter.

Sara Catarina Costa
However, I knew from very early on in the recording process that I needed female vocals on the album.
I spent nearly a year searching small ads, and studio notice boards before I saw Sara's ad on the Gumtree website.

She was looking for a musician to help develope her songs. She writes her songs in an accapella style. This certainly makes it challenging for me as a musician to find the rhythms and the chords too sometimes.

Originally from Portugal and currently in the final stages of her degree she still manages to find time to write some really great tracks.
The deal we have is this, she helped finish the album, I help with her tracks.

I am very excited to say that we will be starting pre recording production on some of her material in the next few months, once the album launch is out of the way I guess.

For the last probably 10 years at a guess, and certainly my last four albums, a charity single and dozens of demos I have gone to Early Bird Studio in Harwich.

Owner, musician extraordinaire, producer and all round brilliant bloke to know is Pete Barrenger.
I actually think he is the only person that even comes close to making sense of the nonsense in my head. He allows me the freedom to just go off on wild tangents even when he knows the idea wont work.

He has been in his time a full time gigging musician as well as running the studio.

Pete has played all the bass parts, some of the guitar, especially the big electric stuff as well as programming the drums and string arrangements and all the while keeping me under control enough that we actually have ended up with a really fine recording which he is in the final stages of mastering.

He also played bass on the Collaborator album and we went out and played a few gigs together too including the last ever Celtic Warriors Birthday Bash.

Pete Barrenger