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16th November 2011
With this week off and 2 upcoming gigs at the end of the week, it felt like a good time to sit down and have a bit of a review of the story so far, a nudge towards this weeks event and a look to the future. THere will be no ghosts of xmas pasts although that first bit certainly started off like a well known story ha ha.

It has certainly been an interesting year. I do seem to have found my musical way again which seemed to have left me for a while. Felt lost in the wilderness a bit with no sense of direction. I feel I have some fire in my belly again now which is a very good thing.
The support I have received from Deb, Chris and Hayley has made all the difference, without that I would not have bothered and quite obviously without the support, encouragement, enthusiasm and backing of Pete at Early Bird Studio then musically nothing would have happened. His role as producer and musician on the album has been invaluable, quite literally I could not do it without him, but also on a personal level, his support and friendship just made the recording sessions great fun which really is half the battle.
I have to say though that starting to work with Sara was one of my better decisions though. There are times when you are a solo artist that it is easier to just not bother to do stuff, but working with someone else, even as Sara and I do, and I'm not sure whether we are 2 solo acts that work together or a duo that persues some solo stuff from time to time, Im not sure it matters, it seems to be working so I aint gonna analyse it, however having that other person about that you have made arrangements with and shared ideas with does tend to focus the mind and give you a kick up the arse when you need it.

Obviously we had the fiasco with the single release which I wrote about last month. I was dissapointed with myself but so grateful for all the support that everyone gave us during that time.

Enough for the review then, what's happening this week. we have a gig at The Golden Fleece in Chelmsford on Friday which is the first real gig that Sara and I have played. There are 2 bands on after us so I think we have an exciting challenge there to make our prescence felt. But I know there are quite a few of you coming along so that will help make it all feel much more friendly. Then we have the gig at th Steamer on Saturday. I did think that we would be releasing a single this week hence the two gigs but as previously written that is now early next year.
I was a bit worried that 2 gigs in 2 days may be a bit of a stretch to get a crowd in to both, however from the feedback I'm getting it lookls like we should have a fair few of you all at both which is really cool. I am looking forward to them both for different reasons.

So to the future then. Well, we shall start with the easy and afore mentioned stuff. 'Unconsidered Word' will be released at some point next year, early on I should think, with all the trimmings, remix's and video's etc. We will also be finishing off Sara's track 'Dreams' and having a release on that too.

Later in the year however, and this is the first mention of this in an open forum there is going to be a major production of 'The Small History' album which will feature a full band in a large venue. This is very much in it's early stages of production, so far I have the basis of a band though. Pete from Early Bird on Bass, Peter Noyce on drums. You may remember Pete from the 'Earth Calling' and 'One More Year' by Collaborator videos on you tube, obviously myself and Sara.

However, I am still trying to sort out a keyboard/piano player and a lead guitarist too as well as sort out a venue. It's strange because once upon a time I would only have had to make a couple of phone calls or go to a jam night and I could find those people really easily. These days that doesn't seem to be quite so simple. Still the challenge of this is half the fun.

So I guess that's it for now. See you all over the weekend.

16th October 2011
So it's been a while then hey? I did have every intention of keeping this up to date but somehow I seem to post my thoughts and ideas on Facebook and then not end up on here, but here we are and so lets play a bit of catch up.

Fine Line, the single release. Well I'll be honest with you, that did not go quite as I had hoped. If you look on the internet shops to buy the track you will see that it is still not available until 7th November. I exchanged a lot of emails and made several phone calls to the distributor to try and amend that problem, which was caused when I uploaded the track to their database, all of which came to nothing. The problem was that as the distributor is a UK company I thought that a release date og 11/07/2010 meant the 11th of July. Apparantely their database is USA based and so that meant the 7th November.
I'll be honest I was a bit frustrated at my own stupidity for not realising but way more upset that despite their promises to resolve my mistake nothing was in fact done.
But it's a learning curve and we will do better next time. On the plus side though we did sell a reasonable number of tracks through the mobil phone sales and managed to bein the top 5 of their own indie chart which was very exciting.

So, with the album all finished we were going to release a 2nd single next month but to be honest wiith you taking on board the lessons learned from the last attempt I need another 3 or 4 months to get everything in place to make that worth the effort.
The next single is going to be "Unconsidered Word" abd there will be some remixes, including a dance version which I surprised everyone with by doing a demo of it. Actually I surprised myself by how it fell together.

There will also be a video and all the usual stuff that goes with a single release.

So, right up to date then. Sara and I were back at Early Bird Studios last weekend to start work on her album. Very exciting project to be involved with and a little scary for me as I really have no idea where the songs are going at the moment. Very different to how it usually is for me when I am in the studio as I go there with it all mapped out ready. We often change it a lot but I always have a solid starting point.

But it is very exciting to be part of someone else's vision and it has been a long time since I have done that.

So in the short term, Sara and I have a couple of gigs booked for next month, keep a check on the Facebook page for rull details of those. One of which is a real gig in a pub and not one that we are self promoting. Now that is a bit scary. Been a while since I have done one of them. Hope to see you there.

14th June 2011
Oh Wow! so after a few weeks of going quite mad, hence the lack of updates on here, I have now finally received the confirmation that we can start the pre ordering of 'Fine Line' via the SMS service.

Full details of how to do this are on the flyer to the left here or by clicking on the banner at the top.

It has been a frustrating time as I think I entered some of the wrong info in a couple of places and so the itunes,amazon and 7 digital sites are still either not showing the correct track name and release date, but the lovely folks at teh distributers are working on resolving that for me.

However the sms is there and up and running, so now all we have to do is sell the bloody thing, so, it's over to you. Thank you for your continued support.

23rd May 2011
Everything seems to have come to a bit of a standstill at the moment, just seem to have run out of funds to be honest. All the paperwork is in place, have all the codes to make .Fine Line' chart eligible, we have the artwork as you can see below, Hayley and I have even been working on the plans for the video for the track but I cant set up the distribution until later in the week.

However, it is nice to be in a position where the bulk of the work is done and to wait another week kinda makes no odds when we will have I guess a 7 week pre release period.

This week I am going to get the press pack together and start trying to get some media attention. From previous experience this is the soul destroying part of the process, it's when you really put yourself on the line.
It's cool that anyone actually takes the time to review your work but quite tough when they dont like it. But as long as there are a few positive comments among them it gives it all a reasonable balance.

On a personal note I have figured that I need to join PRS and so have sent the application off this week, I reckon if they accept tha application then that makes me almost a real musician ha ha ha. We shall see.

16th May 2011
So, it's been a bit of a mad week and weekend. Have been busy trying to get ready for the single release and taht has not been without it's problems.

Finally though we have an ISRC number and Barcode, both of which are required to make the track eligible for the chart.

Now though am having a few probs setting up the distribution. The problem is the pre release date but I do hope to have that resolved within the next day or so. Will keep you updated.

Below is the first draft for the artwork for the single. Hope you like it. The idea comes from the lyric 'Only fortune decides if it's butter side up', the toast isn't.

9th May 2011
I figured that I really need to start updating this part of the site as things are starting to really move forward and it will act as an interesting look back for me over the coming months as to how mad I have actually become, because I am sure I will.

We had the campaign launch for 'Fine Line' on Saturday at The Royal Steamer in Chelmsford and despite Pete unfortunately still not recovered enough from a serious bout of sciatica to be with us, which was a huge shame. And despite Sara's head being 'full of science' as she puts it. And despite playing for the first time live using the new Digitech Jam man pedal, I reckon it went pretty bloody good. Sara and I enjoyed ourselves and judging by the smiling faces and the enthusiastic applause and joining in I reckon everyone else did too.

So today I have started with the business side of achieving a chart position. I need to organise an ISRC number and a digital barcode for the track, well, up until last night I had no idea what either of them were, however this morning the registration documents for the ISRC application sits on my desk. It's getting real people and I'm a little scared and a lot excited.

I'll keep you posted. THere will hopefully be a lot going on this week.

2nd May 2011
Wow, so we are just a few days away from the campaign launch for 'Fine Line' and our first attempt at achieving a chart position.

It's all very exciting I have to say, however there seems to still be so much work to do in preparation. If you are the show this Saturday in Chelmsford at The Royal Steamer then that will be the first oppurtunity to hear the finished mixed and mastered track.

After that I will get the track up on here and hopefully start the ball rolling and set a release date and then obviously let you know where and when you can download it from, so, loads more to follow soon. Keep up with us on Facebook by searching for Vegi and Sara's music page.

20th February 2011
Just a brief update to the previous blog.

I am in the process of organising the album launch party and also a night to start the chart campaign for Fine Line. I am waiting to hear back about the dates from potential venues as well as tying this all together with everyone else involved.

In the meantime if you could right click on the flyer to the left, copy it and pass it on to everyone you know so we can start the campaign with a good number of folks on the mailing list.

Thank you.

16th February 2011
After a chat yesterday during rehearsals for the upcoming gig, which is looking very good I must say, we now have a time frame sorted for the release of the album and the single. The album is going to be late June, early July.

Once I can confirm a booking for a venue to hold the party I will give you the exact date.

The single will be pre released and available to order around 8 weeks prior to that. Some details to sort out on dates etc. However, I hope to have a mixed copy of 'Fine Line' within two or three weeks.

Both releases will be available for download on the internet, I am trying to work out the details for having a hard copy for the album too. Suspect the single will only be available as a download as I will need every sale possible to count towards the chart place.

So I guess that's it for now. If you are coming to the gig, then see you there, if you have been following me for a while then there will be some of my older tracks in the set too which we have reworked a little and breathed some fresh life into them which is proving to be exciting.

Please bear in mind it is only a little hall and seating will be limited and I believe there will be quite few of you turning up, so get there early as poss to grab a seat.

13th February 2011
So, the decision has been made on the first single to be taken from the forthcoming album 'The small history of Alan Bright'.

The song chosen is 'Fine Line'. I guess I always knew it would get chosen really. It is probably the most commercial and accesable track on he album, considering we have chosen to describe 'Chains' as weird and 'Unconsidered Word' as mad, and to be fair those are reasonable descriptions of the tracks.
Sara, Pete and I are very grateful for the feedback from the poll and from the few copies of the track that have been handed out. All of this has helped make the decision a fairly easy one really, but the deciding factor was how well I think the track would sound if used as a piece of incedental music in the media.

Of the 3 tracks that were possibles this was probably always the one that had the better scope for that type of use.

So, we will start getting the track mixed, mastered and out there in the real world. Hope you all enjoy it.

There is some more info and a short sample of the track on the Single Promo Page

8th January 2011

Two updates in a week, guess I must be keen. So I have got some clips of the `possible first single ready for your judgement.
You will find all the info posted HERE

There are also links to the lyrics for the three tracks as well. And also on those pages are some recording notes and other bits and pieces as to the events and thoughts that inspired the track. Please go and have a look and let me know your thoughts.

2nd January 2011
I've decided to release a single to help promote the new album. I figured that I've never been in the charts and when you look at the number of sales required that it is a plausible achievement, with your help of course.
However the problem is to decide which track to choose and so over the next few days I will hopefully get the rough copies of the three tracks that I think are the contenders on here and you can let me know which is the first single.
26th December 2010

Finally at the end of the year I appear to have some real news to announce. I have been working on rebooking The Royal Steamer in Chelmsford for a return gig after the success from a few months ago.
I am pleased to say that this has now happened. The date is booked for the 26th Februaury. Full details can be seen by clicking on the picture of the flyer icon. This will open in a new window.

This is going to be a lot more organised but hopefully no less fun than before as I will be joined in the performing area by my long time friend and associate Pete Barrenger from Early Bird Studio in Harwich. Together we have been working on an album for the best part of the last 2 years, this now nears completion.

I am also very excited to announce that we will be joined by Sara Catarina Costa, a very talented singer songwriter who has been helping with the album by contributing her vocal talents to the project.
Together we will be performing some of her material in the first half of the evening while the second half will be the album in it's entirety in track order, and that is going to be quite a challenge.

Once again Ben Goldstone will be joining me on stage so it's going to be a busy night but I reckon a lot of fun.

The music starts at 9pm, the pub is open all day while the hall will be open from 8pm. While we have to be out of the room by 11.30 at the very latest, the pub stays open for longer if everyone wants to keep drinking.

If you are on Facebook then go to the Vegi and Sara's Music Page and click on the like button.