I've been involved on the local music scene in Essex for the last 8 years or so. I'd pretty much always been involved in songwriting but made the decision to try and gain a wider audience than the cuddly toys in my bedroom.
Initially I played at a few small acoustic nights on the fringe of the London scene before playing in some larger more mainstream(although still smaller) venues like the Army and Navy in Chelmsford and The Oliver Twist in Colchester.
I spent about 18 months playing as a solo acoustic act before I became involved in being the frontman, vocalist and guitarist in a band. This is a position I still currently have ,although a slightly changed line up and band name now.

While I love making a loud noise within the band, and we do touch on some acoutic arrangements, my first love is still an acoustic guitar and a voice. I actually enjoy the naked fragility of this style of performing.

Here are some links to 3 tracks that I recorded as demos. These are just me and the acoustic 6 string.

The King

Free Rock

All of these tracks are downloadable mp3's.

For more info on my band achievements please go to Barefoot Revelation