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Below are some pics of some of the performers.
So, this is me. I'm sure you know all about me but I thought I had best have a pic of me on here.

If you want to come along and play at one of the acoustic nights, either just turn up and take your chance, although we have come close to not getting everyone in, we have always given every performer their 10 mins.

However, if you are travelling from out of town then Email Me and let me know you are coming and I'll make sure you play.

Al White
Singer Songwriter from Chelmsford area. Plays a selection of his own compositions and rock covers.
First time performance for Amber. She did so well we made her play her tune a second time straight away.
Multi instrumentalist, Brains is the wildman drummer that drives local band Coping with Crisis. Seen here with his new and very cool guitar.
"Only Me!" is the cry as Gary takes to the floor. A regular at the Thursday night jams as well as with us on the acoustic nights. Truly a unique entertaining performer.
First played with us a couple of months back. I know it's billed as an acoustic night but the Tele suits here fingers a bit better.
John T
Bass player with Barefoot. Unique passionate style. A true performer. At the acoustic nights plays a mix of covers and his own material using his bass through a Zoom box as accompaniement.
John Simpson
John used to play alongside John T in The Blast.
Jamie Williams
Frontman of The Harvey Williams Band as well as a solo acoustic performer. Jamie has a unique blues/folk style. Usually performs his own material.
Leonie and Harriet
Leonie's second appearance in September and Harriet's first. An excellent well rehearsed performance for this month. Look foreward to their return.
Singer and songwriter in Barefoot. Sometimes performs solo but is often persuaded to sing with other performers due to her amazing ability with vocal harmonies.
Paul and Dean
Play a mix of their ownsongs as well as some classic covers.
Plays a mix of classic tracks, most prominantly Neil Young.
Stevie James
The lead guitarist of choice. Plays in Barefoot and is the sound engineer for the acoustic nights. He also has a reel passion for recorded music production having produced all of Barefoot's releases as well as tracks for other bands too.
This is Sharon. Thanks to Kat for letting me have that info.
Again, I have no info other than Mike's name. Let me know via Email